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There are a few words you will hear even in your first karate lesson, so we've compiled a few to give you a helping hand!

It is most likely that the instructor will count in Japanese, so here are the numbers one to ten.

ICHI - One

NI - Two

SAN - Three

SHI - Four

GO - Five

ROKU - Six

SHICHI - Seven

HACHI - Eight

KU - Nine

JU - Ten

These are the techniques you are most likely to do during your first few lessons.

AGE-UKE - Rising Block

UCHI-UKE - Inside Block

SOTO-UKE - Outside Block

GEDAN-BARAI - Lower Sweeping Block

MAE-GERI - Front Snap Kick

CHOKU-TSUKI - Straight Punch

OI-TSUKI - Lunge Punch


HEIKO-DACHI - Open Parallel Stance

HEISOKU-DACHI - Closed Parallel Stance

MUSUBI-DACHI - Informal Attention Stance

JODAN - This means upper level, so if the Instructor says "Jodan Oi-Tsuki" You would perform a lunge punch to the head.

CHUDAN - Means middle level.

GEDAN - Means lower level

KIAI - This means shout. Don't worry, this part is a bit scary, but it'll get easier!

HAJIME - Begin

YAMAE - Stop

MAWATE - Turn. If your Instructor calls this, then they want you to turn and face the other direction, although there is a certain way to turn, which they will teach you!

REI - Bow

SEIZAI - This means the Instructor want you to kneel down. Usually done at the beginning and end of a class.

MOKUSO - Meditate. This is done at the end of a karate class.