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Paul Herbert 5th Dan
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Today, Sensei warned us that it might be difficult for the kyu grades as we were going to spend the whole class doing a kata required for black belt.

However, I love learning kata even though they don’t stay in my brain for longer than I’m actually doing them, (unless, of course, I repeat them over and over).

We did Ji-on. It was difficult, but very enjoyable. We were not expected to do it perfectly but we had to have a go all the same. Sensei broke it down into parts, and showed us the application as we went along, although we did not do the application ourselves.

We kept starting at Yoi and going through it over and over adding little bits until we finished it. Then we had to do it fully twice over, in two groups, brown & black belts, and the kyu grades. You can really see that the brown & black belts are much better at it. That doesn’t dishearten me though, it just gives me something to aim for, and I know I’ve got plenty of time.

Ps. Are you allowed to have favourite techniques? If so, I like the Fumikomi best.