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Recently, I was given access to Scott Langley’s new video resource site www.hombudojokarate.com


Scott Langley here in the UK and beyond its shores is a very influential karateka. Based in Ireland, Scott Langley who graduated from the famous JKS Instructor’s Class set up the only full time purpose-built dojo in Ireland, which has an open door to over 300 students per week. In 2002, Scott Langley had become only the 5th person to ever complete the very tough and demanding JKS Instructor’s Course, which undoubtedly gave him the very significant foundation from which he could nurture both his own personal development and the development of his students. Scott Langley, author of many articles published in a variety of magazines, is in demand throughout the UK and Europe, and now he presents us with his NEW website dedicated to further propagating both his teaching and the teaching of the JKS.


HombuDojoKarate.com contains videos by Scott Langley teaching on a wide and varied selection of themes, filmed at his personal dojo in Ireland. As of right now, there are 82 videos already uploaded, with new videos being added on a regular basis.


This website membership is categorised into three sections:


Membership Plan


Access Available


$30/ Year

Silver Only


$45/ Year

Silver & Gold


$60/ Year

Silver, Gold & Platinum


As you can see from the grid taken from the site, there are three sections each with different prices and different content.


Silver – This section is designed for beginners to black belt, containing detailed analysis of basic kihon, kata and kumite.


Gold – This section is designed for brown and black belts, with technical analysis and training methods, and also gives you access to the silver subscription.


Platinum – Designed for Instructors and Assistant Instructors and is thematically based and shows how one concept in karate can be taught through kihon, kumite and kata, but also gives you access to the silver and gold subscriptions.


Teaching to camera, Langley sets about giving short tutorials based on very specific themes and topics. He teaches everything from a simple technique like mawashi geri to a complicated concept such as muscular contraction in kicks. To each category he delivers the required level of depth and details. To the platinum category he naturally delves far deeper than he does in the silver category.


Langley sets forward the tutorials in a logical and clear-cut way, delivering them in a clear and precise manner.


This site is Scott Langley through and through. This website is built completely around the karate that he teaches and practices. If you are not JKS I did wonder how useful you would find some of the tutorials, as I personally practice certain things slightly differently. This does not in any way invalidate the points he is making simply because I practice differently however, as it offers a great insight into the karate being practised by the JKS, and if you are JKS or not, then this will still provide great food for thought.


So if we talk about the layout and general navigation around the site. It’s a clean site, with a white background, and I tend to love simplicity. Its easy to use and getting around is no difficulty.


The content of the site however is what I would much rather spend my time discussing. At the end of the day, design and layout is important, but when it comes down to it, it’s the content that people are interested in, and are paying for.


Langley is clearly open to sharing his knowledge and experience; his wide and varied written material is testament to this. The videos are direct and to the point, as are his explanations and demonstrations. To really get across the quality of content I think it would in fact be worthwhile for me to use one video clip as an example.


I have decided to analyse the ‘HIP POWERED MOVEMENT’ video which can be found under the Platinum Membership.


The video opens with his explanation of the importance of hip powered movement. He discusses how students can often over emphasise the movement of the feet rather than the hips.


Langley then goes on to demonstrate some kihon and kumite exercises that students would find useful. The first involving a very simple movement from shizentai and into zenkutsu-dachi. I can instantly see the benefits and worth in this exercise and is without doubt an exercise I would teach. The video has no frills or fancy footage. It simply gets in there and gets the job done.


The second and following exercises are also of excellent use, which many instructors will enjoy teaching and see the benefit from.


One thing I often get concerned with, when viewing online tutorials is the quality of sound. The sound quality here is excellent and while many art directors may complain about the lighting at times, I found it not a problem at all.


The Internet is a central point of reference for most karateka in the world. Information at your fingertips, a luxury we at TheShotokanWay have and still enjoy. The Internet I feel will continue to be this primary information reference, and this website is a great resource to karateka who use this. While many may argue that this website will only be of real use to JKS members, it will be very interesting to see where they take the website, expanding and evolving.


I really like this website and can see the real benefit its subscribers would get. As I have already said, this is not a fancy and frilly website. It’s direct and to the point, something I really like.