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Akihita Isaka Profile 

When you train with Isaka Sensei, you experience a different type of shotokan training. Although absolutely traditional, there are few who teach like Isaka. Most teach the perfection of speed through speed training, but Isaka has you train as slow as possible in order to isolate each muscle for each movement, understand its function and maximise its potential.

            It’s fantastically tiring, but when you see how fast Isaka Sensei can move, you just want to give it a go.

            Isaka Sensei, student of Nakayama Sensei, former Chief Instructor of the JKA and Sugiura Sensei, decided to join the JKA Instructors Programme in 1965, and within three years in 1968 has graduated. From there, spending some time teaching at the JKA Honbu, he also taught for a period of time in New York with Mori Sensei from 1974-76. After many splits that occurred within the JKA, Isaka decided to join Mikio Yahara as Assistant Chief Instructor to the KarateNoMichi World Federation, which has impressively spread throughout the world, with an impressive membership.

            Despite his teaching skills, Isaka Sensei has also been incredibly impressive in competition, holding several titles to his name. Slightly more impressive however is the fact that even at the age of fifty-five, Isaka Sensei continued to compete, his reason being that he treats competition as a test of his hard work throughout the year. Through competition, he can see where he needs to work, and where his hard work has paid off.

            Much of Isaka Sensei’s teaching is based on slow motion training, teaching the students to understand the biomechanics of the karate techniques. In this sense, Isaka Sensei is a pioneer, and his teachings have certainly impressed a great deal of karateKa, and particularly his usage of inner tubing and body weights to be used in dojo training have been adopted by many new schools. Through much of Isaka Sensei’s idea’s he has made an impressive improvement, not simply in the way we do our karate, but also in the way we think about our karate.

            In high demand throughout the world for his teaching expertise, he continues his work to develop Shotokan Karate, breaking new ground and making important developments to the art.