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 Masahiko Tanaka Profile

'What a fighter'. That's what they say about Masahiko Tanaka. His fighting ability is world renown and his understanding of kihon and kumite have made him one of the most important karate instructors in the world. Today, Masahiko Tanaka is one of  the most Senior Instructors of the JKA and when he is not teaching at the JKA Honbu, he is travelling and spreading his unique appraoch to Shotokan karate.

 Famed for his brilliant fighting spirit and hard fighting style, he remains one of the greatest fighters to have emerged from the JKA heyday, gethering several major titles including 1st place kumite at the JKA All Japan Karate Championship in 1974 which he held for two years, and 1st place kumite at the 2nd IAKF World Karate Championship in Tokyo in 1977, which he regained again in 1980 for the second time. He was a fierce fighter who’s dynamic fighting style gained him acclaim and fear the world over.

Of Tanaka, born February 24th 1941 in Tokyo, M. Nakayama, former Chief instructor of the JKA wrote ‘There are very few competitors who can use both hands and feet with as much skill as Masahiko Tanaka’.

Tanaka, author of the famous ‘Mastering Kumite’ textbook (See our Book Reviews), and who also featured in M. Nakayama’s ‘Best Karate’ series to this day still works hard promoting and keeping the standard of the JKA, and often travels the world teaching seminars. He is in high demand, and if you ever watched his rendition of Gankaku, you will clearly see why.