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World Traditional Karate Organisation Master Class Seminar

(Hosted by Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International – Honbu Dojo)
WTKO Course with Richard Amos SenseiThe weekend of the 4th and 5th of November saw Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International, playing host to the World Traditional Karate Organisation’s 2nd UK Championships and ‘Master Class’ with Richard Amos Sensei - 6th Dan (Renshi) and WTKO Chief Instructor. And what a weekend it was!


On the 4th November, Richard Amos Sensei taught his ‘Master Class’ splitting the training into junior grades (under 3rd Kyu) and the advanced grades (3rd Kyu and above). Both sessions concentrated on the timing of the hands and feet with the body movement to maximise the effect of the technique. This was further developed in the senior class with Sensei looking at timing of Oi zukWTKO Course with Richard Amos Senseii age uke and soto uke with the additional emphasis on relaxation and recoil of techniques to enable fast counter attacks. This was practiced with partners moving up and down the Dojo in a Sanbon kumite style exercise utilising same arm blocking and counter-attacking using relaxation and speed.

This concept was taken forward with Mae geri, with Sensei concentrating on the recoil of the kick combined with fast body rotation. This led into looking at the Kata Kanku dai Putting the concepts of the training session to use in various sections of the Kata such as the Mae geri sequences and the ‘Bassai’ section at the beginning of the Kata (uchi uke, choku zuki). All in all an absolutely fantastic course.