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Paul Herbert 5th Dan
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On Friday night we were introduced to Kancho Kanazawa, 10th Dan, Shinji Akita Sensei, 6th Dan and Nobuaki Kanazawa Sensei, 5th Dan.  Friday night was Yudansha night (brown belts were also allowed to train) and this was mainly SKKIF only training.  Shinji Akita Sensei went through a very good warm up.  Followed by Kancho Kanazawa teaching Tekki Nidan in fine detail.  Finished with all the Dan grades demonstrating, then off to the bar for a quick beer before the bar shut.

Saturday morning training started at
10am, but the Dojo was open from 9am. Many people got there early, eager to train!  Sensei Roger Carpenter introduced the instructors, as there were many visitors on the course. Again Shinji Akita took us through the warm up.  Followed by Kancho Kanazawa Sensei going over some basics with the whole class.  The class was then split, Kancho Kanazawa took the Dan grades.  This consisted of the SKIF set Kihon for Sandan and Yondan gradings.  Kumite was Happo kumite - using SKIF set Kumite.  Nobuaki Sensei and Akita sensei then demonstrated all of the Jiyu Ippon Kumite sets.  This was amazing to watch!  We had a break for lunch and then finished off the day with a choice of Kata.  The seniors picked Seienchin (Shito-Ryu Kata), Kanku Dai and Tekki Sandan.

Sunday was an early start, as there was a SKKIF/SKIF grading in the afternoon.  Nobuaki Sensei took the warm up. Nobuaki Sensei then took the whole class for some Kihon drills.  The class was split once again and Akita Sensei took the Dan grades to work on our foot movement, using Ashi to flow smoothly, very technical.  This foot movement was then applied to Kizami zuki - Gyaku Zuki combination.  Once we had kinda got this - we then partnered up!  After lots of Kumite we then wound down with some core balance work.  This consisted of being in Zenkutsu Dachi while raising the heel off the floor in very, very slow motion and putting the knee in front (like Mae Geri preparation).  Then hold position for 10secs and reverse it very, very slowly!!!

We then all lined up for the final bow.  Thanks was given to Sensei and to the organisers. After a break for lunch - there was a SKKIF/SKIF grading.  There were students grading from 9th Kyu up to very senior Dan grades!

A very good course indeed!


Stephen Marriott

Kanazawa will be back again in the UK in November 2007 - and he will be bringing his sons with him.  Looking forward to the course already!  Details of the course will be posted on the SKKIF website http://www.skkif.co.uk/ in the near future.